About Us

'I'd rather be at home'

Founders of Tier Four Club Zoë and Jess sat through isolation and lockdowns watching the unveiling of the Tiers together from their Manchester home. A revelation was made, they didn’t miss finding excuses for avoiding social affairs and working from home gave them a sigh of relief…  they’d rather be at home.

‘We know we’re not the only ones, which is why ironically Tier Four Club plans to unite the unsociable. Tier Four might leave but the lifestyle wont.’ 

Tier Four Club wants to unite the unsociable and create a community for the introverts, normalising saying no to social obligations in the new normal world. 

For many, Tier Four brought relief and a time to recharge, therefore Tier Four Club bring you a community where you can all recharge together, surrounded by a mutual understanding and respect for each others space. 

This ethos is the driving force behind the brand and is here to remind people that its ok if you’d rather stay at home.. because we would too!